Essential Factors That Impact The Visibility Of Your Website

Essential Factors That Impact The Visibility Of Your Website

In the current digital transformation era, several things come in the count when measuring the visibility of a website. Some processes affect the visibility of a website, and cannot be ignored if you want to grow your website’s overall performance.

Modern-era marketing has different areas of the subject that come into play, including Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance, Search Engine Marketing, and some others that can impact the performance, eventually your sales.

Before we go into learning about the factors that lower the performance of your web, we can first know what is website visibility.

What Is Website Visibility?

Website visibility is an action or the total number of times your website is found in search engines. In short, it is the term that defines how many times, or how often your website is found, or visited by users on search engines. Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo are some major search engines on the internet.

Website visibility affects everything, including brand awareness, conversions, and the number of users coming to your business website.

Moreover, website performance shows how your site delivers value to your users and conveys critical information.

Website Level Factors Affecting the Website Performance

Here are some website development-level factors affecting the visibility of your website.

Unappealing UX/UI
Design is the major component of your website. If any user lands on your website and finds it unappealing or difficult to navigate, it is going to increase your web’s bounce rate. That being taken into consideration, your website’s search performance will highly be lowered.

Insufficient Functionalities

Every business has specific requirements and attention to user-specific functionalities to be added to the website. If your website does not have proper functionalities or custom work done to facilitate the search of your users in helping them get what they’re looking for, undoubtedly it is going to increase the bounce rate in your web analytics. In a nutshell, it will bring your web’s search visibility down to a great extent.

Misarrangement OR Misalignment

Every section of a website should have a proper placement according to how users interact or find the alignment to be easier. One of the key things for website visibility to enhance is to provide your users with enough facility and proper navigation so that they can spend more time, increasing the dwell time. But if the sections are improperly placed, web visibility will be affected, sooner or later.

Improper Or No CTAs

Call-to-actions are the most important element to turn your users into potential customers. If there are not many call-to-actions, and of course proper alignment & navigation, users will not find your website interesting psychologically and click the return button. So, your web’s visibility is sure to be impacted and your website’s rankings will fall eventually.

SEO Level Factors Affecting The Visibility Of A Website

With regard to SEO, there are three different branches within, and all of these have their factors for optimization. If these optimizations are not carried out, then the focus of googlesites on search engines for your web’s visibility will start dwindling.

On-Page SEO Level Factors

On-page SEO level factors affect the performance of your website.

Keyword Research
Keyword research is a process of finding the keywords, being searched by users in search engines. If you’re not using those keywords that your users want information for, then your website is never gonna rank in the search engines because the users have different intent to read, and your website is not focused on that intent. This can be a potential problem for your web’s reduced search engine visibility. It is mandatory to write for the terms, your targeted audience is searching for.

H1, H2, H3 Tags

The structure of your content matters a lot for Google bots, and robots from other search engines. So, make sure to use proper headings for the content, and keep your content divided into different paragraphs under different headings.

Meta Data Optimization

Meta data optimization is another factor that mostly is neglected by newbie SEO persons. So, let’s first know what is metadata in SEO? Meta data is the data of your web page specifically added to the website code for search engines to understand the intent and content of a web page. It includes optimizing your web page’s title, description, keywords, viewpoint, and some other data. You can do that by using SEO plugins or apps, and if you’re using Cpanel, you can manually add the code to your website files.

URL Structure

The URL structure of your website’s pages and blogs is a significant factor. For example, if you have written on Digital Marketing, and the structure of the URL does not specify what the users are gonna read, your site’s visibility can be affected. Why is it so? Each time any user leaves your site without some dwell time, search engines take it as a negative for the rankings and ranking through Local SEO.

Off-Page SEO Level Factors

Guest Blogging or Blog Post

Guest blogging is an SEO strategy that helps businesses in brand awareness, and also carries a backlink back to the business’s website. When there is no proper flow of visitors coming from other sites to your website, your web performance will be affected in the longer run.

Off-Page SEO Level Factors

Guest Blogging or Blog Post

Guest blogging is an SEO strategy that helps businesses in brand awareness, and also carries a backlink back to the business’s website. When there is no proper flow of visitors coming from other sites to your website, your web performance will be affected in the longer run.

Broken Links

If your website gets too many broken links, and bots receive such links in the index, your web performance will decline to a particular extent. It is necessary to either delete such backlinks pointing to your domain name. Also, ensure that there are no links on your website to other web pages, which don’t exist now.

No Strategic Plans

Among several Off-page SEO techniques, guest blogging is only a single strategy. Upon searching deeply, you will come to know about bookmarking, forum link building, profile creation, and much more. So, you must follow a strategy to grow awareness about your business, and grab more visitors from other platforms. It helps search engines know that your business is reliable and trustworthy to browse.

Technical SEO Factors

Slow Load Speed

Website loading time is a significant factor in Technical SEO. If the website loads very late, and users find it complex to run through and have a look at your web pages or google pagespeed, in the end, your web’s search visibility will be affected.

Structured Data

Your website should have properly structured pages. If the search engines are unable to understand your website, your ranks will never grow. You can check if your website is structured or not, on

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate signifies that your website is safe for users from a technical perspective, and nothing can be risky for the systems or computers. So, if your site is not using a valid SSL certificate, your SEO ranks will be reduced, and overall visibility as well.

Mobile Friendliness

Any issues with your website appearing dissecting the sections, or having resolution issues can be hurting your SEO rankings and overall web performance. So, it is necessary to ensure that your website is Mobile Friendly, conversion-friendly, and Search Optimization for all things.

Final Words

The factors affecting the visibility of a website can be optimized for better rankings and no loss of search visibility.

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