How to Design a Marketing friendly E-Commerce Website in WordPress?

How to Design a Marketing friendly e commerce Website in WordPress 1

It is a general perception that an online e-commerce site attracts more customers than a shop or store. Though there are more people to see the products, and there are more sellers to line up their products for selling purposes. The reality is a bit different. The global conversion rate for an e-commerce site is much lower than a physically located store. That is why it is more important to promote your online e-commerce store to get more sales. Here in this article, you will see a few design ideas to develop your e-commerce site for marketing purposes.

Inspire Visitors By E-Mails

People do not necessarily buy your product when they visit your site for the first time. Some people compare one product, its price and other specifications on the other e-commerce sites. Some, on the other hand, buy the products on the spot. Now it is your job to grab the attention of the visitors so that they can come back to visit your store or make a purchase. For that, you can use multiple tactics. The most effective is email marketing. You can design the website of your e-commerce store in a way that is user-friendly and that encourages visitors to drop their email addresses. You can offer them sales items, discounted prices and other special offers to inspire them. Start building your email list and send them emails with special discount coupons or offers.

Choose Software Wisely

The content management system of website creation software must be efficient. WordPress is getting very popular in the world, especially in UAE. More than 30% of websites in the world are now using WordPress software. It is one of the most reliable services with a perfect development structure. It is ideal to develop an e-commerce website in WordPress. You can choose a variety of options here. The shopping cart and other sales-related plugins are easily available here. You can customize your store by using these plugins. You can even merge your content and marketing strategies here.

Connect With Your Customers

Almost all the big companies, brands, or e-commerce sites are very efficient in providing customer support to their customers. This step is crucial as it allows you to connect with your customers by answering their questions. It is not enough to connect with your customers via email only. People have zero tolerance nowadays, and they want a reply from the sellers as soon as possible. Besides email services, it is, therefore, necessary to provide a live chat feature to the customers. It will help the customers to get the answers to their queries hastily. Similarly, it will also give you benefit in terms of sales by developing a strong relationship with your customer.

Don’t Deceive The Customers

Be loyal and truthful while selling your products. When you design and create your e-commerce store, make sure to add the product’s description accurately. Don’t add the features that do not exist in the product. It will help you to build the trust of the customers and will result in increased sales.

Smart designing and marketing of an e-commerce site are essential. Before you start, make sure you have designed it properly; meanwhile, you can also check the Napollo Software Design services in UAEManhattan, and New York. With expertise in all the major industries of UAE and the United States of America.  Napollo Software Design is helping its client to design and market their businesses in a constructive way.

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